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South Africa
25 June 1998

Focusing on Gender Issues

Susan Wendy Abro is the only female council member of the law society. As such she is the sole practitioner to take up the onus of furthering women's interests in the legal area.

Susan's area of specialisation are civil litigation-Magistrates' and High Courts, Matrimonial, labour law, general commercial law, debt collections as well as matrimonial and family law. In terms of family and matrimonial law, Susan is involved with parliament in giving professional comment on existing and emerging legislation. In fact, she recently addressed Parliament regarding the natural fathers vis-a-vie children born out of wedlock.

Susan's involvement in gender issues is extensive. She is an executive member of the planning committee of NGO's for attendance at the 1998 Hague Conference on Women in Beijing, China.

Furthermore, this year Susan attended a conference at the Department of Justice on Gender Policy Considerations. She also attended a conference on the Hague Convention on abduction of children.

As the founder member and secretary of the Durban Women Lawyers Association, Susan nominated Judge N. Pillay, the first woman attorney to act as a Judge of the High Court in South Africa. In addition, Susan was responsible for nominating Judge V.N. Niles-Duner, the first woman High Court Judge in Kwazulu-Natal.

In March 1998, Susan attended a gala dinner of the SADC Conference on Prevention of Violence Against Women, at the invitation of the Department of Justice.

Susan is a member of and advisor to the Advice Desk for Abused Women and in May 1998 she was nominated for appointment to the National Gender Commission.

Susan's hobbies include reading, wine, collecting candles and matchbooks, classical music, theatre, entertaining and gym. She is also a Natal Sharks rugby supporter.

Susan Wendy Abro's practice can be contacted on +27 (0)31 312-6227